False ceiling

POP & PVC False Ceiling


POP & PVC False Ceiling is nowadays a trend at every place. It is basically a dropped ceiling or we can say the second ceiling. False ceiling is named so because this is not the original or main ceiling but a ceiling made on the main ceiling.

False Ceiling has a history of about 700 hundred years old. It was being used in Japan for some aesthetic and artistic reasons. Continue reading “POP & PVC False Ceiling”



Beautician is the person who mainly works on the face of a customer and improve its appearance. Beautician plays a very important role since he prepares you to be presentable for your special occasions. Also, he helps us to look good daily. Today, when personality of a person reflects everything, there is need to be presentable and having a good first impression. Continue reading “BEAUTICIAN”



Painter is a person who paints the specific area with adorable colors. Painters are of two kinds. First, a painter who paints different images and scenery. Other type of painter is known as house painter. Here we will discuss about house painters who paint our houses with beautiful colors and make our lives colorful.

Painting is the finishing task of every home or building. Without it there is always something missing. Painting gives a smooth look to our houses. Thus, they are the important personality who help us to maintain dignity of our houses. Continue reading “PAINTER”



Carpenter is the person who works mainly upon woods. His job is to maintain and install wood works in any house or building. Carpenters and the work of carpentry is no less than any other work.

In our day to day life, we encounter lots of things made up of wood, for instance bed, cupboards, doors. Since all of them play an integral role in our life we can’t ignore this fact that carpenters also play a crucial role in our life. Continue reading “CARPENTER”



AC and appliances repair signifies repairing and installation of AC’s and other appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, television, water purifier. Electrical appliances are integral part of our day to day life. Whether we think of pleasant cold breeze in summer from AC or of easing our work in washing clothes by washing machine. All help us to add comfort to our lives and hence let us do our work productively. Continue reading “AC AND APPLIANCE REPAIR”




Water is the vital element for our survival. In today’s world of modernization plumber also becomes an important personality for us as water run down through pipeline system.

Plumber is a person who is responsible for installing and maintaining the pipeline system used for water may be for drinking water, drainage system or sewage. Continue reading “PLUMBER”



Everybody needs a place comprises of comforts so that after a long-tired day they can experience leisurely relief. One of the comforts in this category is electricity. Electricity is that invincible thing which has removed darkness from our lives and has brightened every phase of human activity.

Since nothing is perfect in this world, even electricity and its devices have problems and thus needed to be fixed. Now, comes the role of an electrician. Electricians help us to enjoy our comfort zone which comprises of devices; run on electricity. Continue reading “ELECTRICIANS”