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6 Commonly used Important Plumbing Tools

Plumbing work is an integral part of the maintenance of the home. For any plumbing work, we generally call a plumber and he completes all our work. But, a person should also have basic knowledge regarding plumbing tools so that he can use them if required in future at the time of emergency. If you are among the majority who don’t have the necessary information about the plumbing tools then you are at the right platform. Let’s have a watch on the common types of plumbing tools.


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A wrench is the most important and common plumbing tool. It is useful for many purposes like for holding, turning and fixing the plumbing pipes or fixtures. There are a variety of wrenches available in the market:

  • Open-end Wrench
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Combination Wrench
  • Box-end Wrench

These wrenches can have toothed or smooth jaws. Toothed wrench provides you better grip while working. A plumber must have knowledge about the different types of wrenches and where to use them specifically. Wrench also helps in tightening of nuts and bolts in the plumbing work. For more information about wrenches, visit Porch.



Hacksaw just not limited to carpentry also has applications in plumbing work. In plumbing, a hacksaw is useful in cutting of pipes and thin sheets of metal.

Hacksaw is available with different frames and blades which we use for cutting a variety of things. While using hacksaw plumber needs to have special care on the direction of its teeth. The direction of cutting varies according to their orientation. Always use a hacksaw with full attention otherwise it may harm you seriously. Keep it away from the hands of children.



The plunger is used in clearing clogged pipes or drains easily. Even a normal person with no plumbing information can use the plunger easily. Plunger consists of a stick and a structure of half cup made up of rubber equipped at one end. Many plungers are available in the market.

Take a plunger according to your need and area of use. Some common types of plungers are:

  • Sink plunger
  • Toilet plunger
  • Accordion plunger
  • Taze Plunger

To know more about the usage of the plunger, visit TheSpruce.


The washer is the smallest plumbing tool. It is simply a disk with a hole in the middle of it. They are useful in controlling and maintaining the pressure of water from the faucets and head showers. Washers are also useful in distributing the pressure evenly while placing the nut over it. It also prevents any damage to the surface of the material. Always purchase washers which are non-corrosive in nature. Since they encounter water every time faucet is open. Thus, washers being the smallest play an important role.

Screw Drivers

Screw drivers are useful in the opening of nuts and bolts in the pipeline connections. They are owned by everyone since they are easy to use and one can need screw drivers anytime.


Screwdrivers are available in different sizes because of their wide range of applications. Their applications are not just limited to plumbing but extend up to various mechanical purposes.

Pipe Cutters

Often hacksaws are dangerous to handle while working with them. A better option for cutting pipes in plumbing work is to use pipe cutters. Through pipe cutters, you can easily cut the pipes. You just need to have the right size of the cutter to facilitate your work. They have a structure similar to the pliers but consist of the cutter at the opening end.

pipe cutter

Moreover, a pipe cutter is easy to store anywhere in the house without any special attention and care. In this category choosing an adjustable pipe cutter is always better since it adjusts itself according to the diameter of the pipe and helps you to use it anywhere irrespective of the size of the pipe.



We all know the importance of a plumber in our daily life. But only some are aware of their plumbing tools which you can apply for small problems. Otherwise, you can always call a plumber for help. There are also many websites that can provide you home services like plumbing. Here we have discussed some important and basic plumbing tools. Plumbing tools are easily available in the market. You can also get them at affordable prices from online e-commerce websites. Just have some basic knowledge about their types and usage, then you can purchase them easily. For any reference, you can also ask a good plumber.

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