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7 Most Common Plumbing Works


There are so many works done by plumbers. They have works at homes as well as at commercial places. Plumbers do every type of work whether it be changing a water tap or changing the whole pipeline system of a residence.

Plumber is a person who is needed at every place where there is water supply. There are a number of reasons why one should call a plumber.

In this article we will discuss about 7 most common plumbing works. These works are listed below,

  1. Pipes Leakage
  2. Water Pressure
  3. Water Tap Exchange
  4. Commode Fitting and Exchange
  5. Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks
  6. Sump Pumps
  7. Sewer Problems

All these above mentioned problems are most common in daily life. People generally call or book a plumber for these services. A brief description for all these problems is given below.

Pipes Leakage

We generally here nowadays there are a lot of pipelines leakage in the homes or other residences. The main cause of this can be using the weak pipes during the construction period.pipe


There are many leakage detection techniques generally plumbers use. These are vacuum test, sniffing test, vacuum test with bombing technique, vacuum test with spraying technique.

Pipe leakage problem can be very dangerous if not treated. So well trained plumbers are required to solve this problem.

Water Pressure

Water pressure problem is common in old homes where there are old pipes. This can be due to the corrosion in the old pipes, or any leaked pipe somewhere in the home. In modern homes those faucets are used which are built up with aerator which save water as well as filters out the debris. But due to the excess amount of debris stored behind the faucet heads, the water pressure gets low.


The low water pressure problem can be solved by checking the faucets end/aerator. If this process does not work, then put any faucet on and allow some water to flow from it, this process can also improve the water pressure.

If above all processes don’t work, there is a best method that on should call a plumber. Plumber have so many tools and techniques by which he can easily detect the root cause of this problem.


Water Tap Exchange


There are a variety of faucets and showers in the market nowadays. People want their faucethomes to look good. Even the faucets and showers play a crucial role in making the homes beautiful. The people who have old taps and showers generally replace their old ones with the new taps and showers.

In this process plumber is very much helpful for the people, as he has all the required tools as well as great experience by which he can replace/exchange the taps and showers timely/quickly.


Commode Fitting & Exchange

It’s fitting requires a plumber who has a great knowledge about commode fitting.

People generally don’t replace this thing as it is once fitted doesn’t need any replacement. But there can be some reasons to exchange the commode. There can be any crack in the commode due to which it needs to be replaced. Or there can be any type of leakage in the commode, which also needs to be repaired or replaced.

Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

Every home has sinks in the bathroom as well as kitchen so as to remove the waste water from the home. These sinks nowadays have a varietywater sink of faucets. The washbasins are developed in the washrooms with a variety of designs.

There can be any type of damage to these sinks and washbasins, so need a plumber.

This work needs an experienced plumber because if the plumber is not well trained, the fitting of the sinks can go wrong. So it is always advised everyone should book an experienced plumber for this work.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are generally fitted in the basement of the homes. Sumps are the low spaces which sump pumpare used to collect the undesired water of the homes. So these sump pumps are used to remove that undesired water from the homes.

There can be some homes old homes which don’t have these pumps developed in the basements. For these homes, there are pumps almost same as the sump pumps which plumbers carry with them.

Even these sumps pumps can have problems in the pumping process. To solve these problems, plumbers use different tools and techniques.

Sewer Problems

Sewer is an infrastructure which carries waste water or waste material along with the water. This waste water is sent to a place where it can be treated and made harmless. Sewer is an underground large pipe developed in almost every areas of a city.

Every home is connected to these big pipes to remove the waste of the home. But in some cases there can be problems while excreting the waste. There can be any type of blockage in the pipes which are used to connect the home excretory pipes to the sewers.

So people call plumbers to solve this problem. Plumbers use different tools and make the pipes run properly.

Sum Up

These above discussed problems are common in the homes, for which everybody needs a plumber. Plumbers have a great experience of all these works. So one can book a plumber to solve these problems.

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