AC Repair & Service in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur

AC and appliances repair signifies repairing and installation of AC’s and other appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, television, water purifier. Electrical appliances are integral part of our day to day life. Whether we think of pleasant cold breeze in summer from AC or of easing our work in washing clothes by washing machine. All help us to add comfort to our lives and hence let us do our work productively.

Appliances are so important for us that when any appliance breaks down the only thing comes to our mind- “How to fix it?” If you don’t have any knowledge regarding your appliance then you either stop using it or make its functioning more worse. Appliances such as AC, washing machine, oven, refrigerator, etc. are always needed to be fixed instantly since their breakdown leaves you tired and messy.

When you start fixing the appliance by yourself, you notice many chip, circuits or wires and such stuff makes you more tensed. So here is the solution. Don’t need to worry, the only thing you need to do is to call any appliance repairer directly to redeem your problem.

There are many contractors and dealers who provide such services and make your work easy at some extent. In addition to it, there are also many home service provider websites that will make you find a good skilled repairer at one call instantly.

Role of Appliance Repair Technician

There are following roles of appliance repair technician with electrical devices such as AC’s, washing machines, ovens, refrigerators:

  • Installation of electrical devices
  • Repairing and inspecting faults or any defect in machines.
  • Installing devices with respect to the safety of user or resident.
  • Instruct the customers about the operation of electrical devices to avoid any hazardous condition

Skills of Appliance Repair Technician

You can’t hire any repairer randomly just because of his tag that he is a repairer. Skills are the only important thing which separate a good technician from the crowd. So, following are the skills of an appliances repairer

  • He must have proper knowledge about the devices.
  • He should know how to arrange different parts of device to diagnose the problem.
  • The repairer should be able to detect flaws in any device to avoid any problem to user.
  • He can be able to study schematic diagrams of circuits to install and repair any complex device.
  • He should have information regarding all safety tools to avoid any damage to lives and property.
  • The technician should be pampered with the appropriate knowledge of communication skills to maintain a good relationship with customers.
  • He must have proper knowledge about laws of electricity.

Ways of Working of Appliance Repairer

  • Can work individually or on-site in client’s home or office.
  • Can also work in repair shop, from where they are allotted some work according to their skills.

Safety Equipment of Appliance Repairer

Safety Gloves of Appliance Repairer

Sometimes, while checking the functioning of the particular electrical or electronic device, there are chances of getting a shock, so repairer should always wear insulated safety gloves. This will save repairer as well as the device from any damage.

Safety Glasses

We mainly need safety glasses during soldering of any device or for repairing and installing of gas pipelines. Often, while working in the narrow areas or a place at height, there are chances of dust or chemical to fall on the most sensitive part, eyes. So repairer should always wear safety glasses while working in such conditions.

Electrical Multi-meter

it’s a very important handy tool which will play a very crucial role in appliance repairer work. It will help to show broken connections, no power, poor connections, faulty parts and more. We use this multi-meter in wiring & appliance repair.

Safety Shoes

While working on machines or on any electrical device, a person is more prone to electrical shocks or current and thus repairer requires good quality of insulated shoes which will avoid such situations.

Types of Appliance Repairer

AC Repair and Service

When we think of summers, we never forget to think about the AC in our home because it is the only thing which can save us from scorching heat of the sun. There are many types of AC’s which we can use:

Types of AC

  1. Window air conditioner: These are the type of air conditioners which have all the components in one box such as compressor, condenser, cooing coil and many others, used for its functioning. This AC is installed in window or any slot of house thus referred to as window air conditioner. It gives cold air at one end and ejects heat from other.
  2. Split air conditioner: There are two parts of split air conditioner. One part is installed inside the home and other one, outside of home. Inside part will give you cold air and make you feel comfortable, on the other hand outside part will blow out heat. In this, there is no requirement of any slot in the house.

So, repairer must know the difference and try to repair and install them accordingly.

Refrigerator Repairer

During summer, food is more prone to spoil due to high temperature. Thus to save our food, the main thing which we need is refrigerator which saves our food for longer time by providing a cooler environment for them and also keep them fresh.

Nowadays there are various kinds of refrigerators for storing a large amount of food and fruits and to use them later. For example:

  1. Bottom freezer: It consists of freezer at bottom position of the refrigerator.
  2. Top freezer: This type of refrigerator consists of freezer at the top of refrigerator.
  3. Side by side: It comprises of freezer and refrigerator next to each other.

Repairer first inspects the area of defect and then changes the defected parts accordingly.

Washing Machine Repairer

When it comes to washing clothes we always try to escape this task. But now, we can complete this task with more ease using washing machines. We have following types of washing machines:

  1. Top loader: These washing machines consist of their opening at the top of the washing machine and the clothes are loaded into the machine from the top.
  2. Front loader: Such washing machines have their opening at the front of the machines and clothes are loaded into the machines using it.

We also have automatic and non-automatic washing machines.

In automatic washing machines, the machine does all its work and we just load clothes in the machine.

In non-automatic machine, after loading the machine, in between we need to support machine for its functioning.

So, for every type of machine, there are skillful washing machine repairers.


AC and appliance repairing is the task which we can’t ignore. Our life is full of electronics and electrical gadgets and thus we need appliance repairer for the smooth working of the gadgets.

Sometimes, it’s quite hard for us to reach to the shop carrying our appliance since that is too heavy and big to carry like washing machines. So, we always need to call a repairer to our respective place to redeem our problem. For this, we can contact any appliance repair technician individually or visit any website which provides AC and appliance services in one go just by one call.

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