Beautician is the person who mainly works on the face of a customer and improve its appearance. Beautician plays a very important role since he prepares you to be presentable for your special occasions. Also, he helps us to look good daily. Today, when personality of a person reflects everything, there is need to be presentable and having a good first impression.

Many management sectors guide their employees to be well mannered and dress smartly. Since, even they know this fact that the good way of representation is the best way to get attention. So, to maintain our personality we need a good beautician.

Skills of Good Beautician

  • Good communication skills to know the requirements of costumers.
  • Know what kind of makeover will suit the costumer.
  • Completes work with precision in a proper way.
  • Must be creative in work.
  • Always ready to learn new techniques, various types of hairstyles, make-up etc.
  • Must know about various types of beauty products which suits a person best.
  • Also, management skills are important if someone has individual business or a salon owner.
  • Good at making decisions to choose wisely required product and style.

Generally, beauticians need a license after completing their courses or diploma on the cosmetology. Additional to this, they should have some years of experience in which they can learn how to deal with customers.

Roles of Beautician

  • Helps in bridal makeup.
  • Helps in maintaining a good personality.
  • Prepares celebrities for their movies, serials or shows.
  • Advise customers about how to get good care of their appearance.

Works done by Beautician


Makeup is the foremost thing done by the beautician for good appearance. It mainly consists of applying beauty products on the face for glowing and shiny look.

Hair Styles

Hairstyle is the second most important thing which almost completes the work of beautician. There are various types of hairstyles. Beautician must know how to make a perfect hairstyle which suites the costumer.

Nail art

Nail art is the art done on the nails. It consists of designing variety of designs on the nails using different types of colors. It’s not as easy as any other art since small designs on nails are hard to form. Thus, requires specific skills.


Manicure includes treatment of hands and nails by various beauty products to give a perfect look to them. It also helps to remove tanning of hands. In this, nails are treated so that even they can be maintained in a good shape. Sometimes, nail art also involves in manicure process.


Pedicure resembles manicure. The only difference is that manicure involves treatment of hands whereas pedicure involves treatment of legs and toenails. It helps in maintaining feet in proper and hygienic way.


Waxing is the process of removal of hairs present on the body. It involves using of thick liquid called wax which helps in removal of hairs from skin.

Shaping of Brows

Shaping of eyebrows is the integral part of the makeup. According to the face of customer beautician gives proper shape to the brows which enhances the beauty and appearance of customer.

The professional and skilled beautician gives more services according to the demand of the customer.

Working ways

The working ways of beautician are as follow:

Individual Business of Beautician

Many beauticians prefer working solely and want to earn their own profit. Thus, these beauticians own their own salon and work in it. Many also provide learning classes for new aspirants who are interested in cosmetology.

For a Company

There are many brands providing their services by hiring good beauticians. Thus, a beautician may work under a company and then company allots them required job according to their skills.

For a Shop Owner

In this, beauticians work for a shop owner to gain some experience and skills. Shop owner allots them work and pays them according to their skills.

Online Work

Nowadays, instead of searching for good salons and beauticians we can visit websites to search a desired beautician. After all, there are various websites running today which provide home services including selecting a required beautician for us.

Our website is also providing the beautician service along with the other home services.

Present Scenario

Today there are many men and women going to their respective jobs and services. Many are entrepreneurs and businessmen and always try to be in good representable form. Everyone wants to maintain a good personality to have a good impression on others.

So, here we need beauticians regularly since they have good knowledge in which makeup or outfit a person can look better. Today, we have lots of salons and parlors which are providing their services at relevant costs.

Also, there are many beauty cosmetic brands which are providing their prolific services through hiring good licensed beauticians. For instance, Lakme salon in Chandigarh.


In conclusion, beautician is an important part of our life. Whenever we plan to go to any special occasion, we always think of a beautician who can make us ready to go anywhere. There are various services provided by beauticians. We all love to enjoy watching our favorite celebrities. But don’t forget beauticians make them representable in front of public.

Not just on screen, even in our daily life we need a good beautician to help us to be presentable. Work of beautician is not easy. Beauticians must be good decision makers and judgmental so that they can advise customer.

There are various means to access a beautician. One of the easiest way is to book a beautician online. It will save your time and you can get service from skilled beautician. Beauticians must learn regularly about trending fashion and serve customers accordingly. The beauticians need to be creative in their work to enhance the appearance of a customer.

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