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Carpenter is the person who works mainly upon woods. His job is to maintain and install wood works in any house or building. Carpenters and the work of carpentry is no less than any other work.

In our day to day life, we encounter lots of things made up of wood, for instance bed, cupboards, doors. Since all of them play an integral role in our life we can’t ignore this fact that carpenters also play a crucial role in our life.

Roles of Carpenter

  • Negotiate with customers to know their requirement and then work accordingly.
  • Construct various wooden objects such as bed, cupboards, shoe rack, doors.
  • Remove broken pieces of wood in the objects.
  • Replace defected parts with the better one for good usage.
  • Cut wood structures to give them desired shape.
  • Prepare required blueprint for proper designing of objects.
  • Give advice to customers about the durability of wood.
  • Responsible for installing stairways, doors, kitchen frame work in buildings and homes.

Skills of Carpenter

  • Good communication skills to know the requirement of customers.
  • Knowledge about safety equipment of carpentry.
  • Know how to prepare blueprint of required structure.
  • Skills to fix broken parts of wood with care, without damaging other parts.
  • Good math skills to prepare objects of specific volume and area.
  • Good physical strength since many work of carpentry requires physical force.

Types of Carpenter

Residential Carpenter

  • Residential carpenters are those carpenters who work for houses or apartments in a building. They mainly work for establishing various kinds of frameworks in the houses such as staircase framework, kitchen framework.
  • They are responsible for working on roofs, walls and slabs in the houses and sometimes also establish exterior walls of houses.

Commercial Carpenter

  • Commercial carpenters involve in taking projects from big companies for the development of their offices and their buildings.
  • They are responsible for all kinds of wooden works and frame works needed to be done in it.

Safety Equipment of Carpentry

Safety Glasses

During cutting, nailing or grinding of wood, any debris or wood particle can enter your eyes. Such particles are harmful for eyes and thus safety glasses are important.

Face Mask

Working on wood can also lead to inhale some foreign particles and thus face masks are always helpful.

Gripped Shoes

While working on heavy wooden objects, there are chances of falling heavy wood particles. So, to avoid crushing of foot and toes we need good quality shoes with strong grip.

Hand Gloves

Hand gloves are mainly required to protect hands from cutting and damaging from wooden objects.

Hard Caps

These are required to protect head from any damage at working place.

Proper Clothing

Loose fitting clothes are always avoided due their chances of entangling in the working tools.

Ways of Working

There are various ways of working such as

Individual Business

Some carpenters have their own business. They bid on different projects for their work.

For a Company

Carpenters also provide their services under the name of a company. Here, company allot them different work according to their skills.

Under a Shop Owner

Such carpenters work in shops under the shop owner and get projects according to their skills.

Present Scenario

Nowadays, people are busy in their jobs and businesses. Thus, they don’t have enough time to search for a good carpenter. They generally end up wasting their time and money.

So, a better alternative to this is searching for a carpenter using various websites. These websites provide a good skilled carpenter and other home services. This is the easiest way to access a good carpenter. Our website is the platform where one can easily find carpenter and other servicemen like Electrician, Plumber, Interior Designer, AC and Appliances Repairer for basic home services.


Wooden objects play an important role in our life. Thus, we can’t ignore their installation and maintenance. This crucial work is done by the carpenter.

Carpenter performs various kinds of roles from our homes to offices. He is responsible for different kinds of framework in houses and stairways.

Instead of having lots of technology, we can’t replace the importance of wood from our life. Same goes with the carpenter who helps us to maintain them properly.

Today, we have lots of means to access a good carpenter. We can inquire from our nearby shops or a much better and reliable option is searching for them on websites. It is the simplest way of searching, where you can get information about variety of carpenters and their skills.

We should not ignore the safety of carpenters. Carpenters must have knowledge about safety equipment and how to use them. Wood is the most essential part of our nature. Therefore, a carpenter need to know how efficiently an object can be created.

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