False Ceiling

POP False Ceiling Design

In the world of urbanization, everyone wants their home to look like the royal house, but limited land is available for making a home so it is less possibility that you make your dream house looks royal from outside due to lack of space. Never mind you can make your Read more…

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Importance of Primer in Painting

Have you heard of primer prior to painting? Often people ignore the usefulness of primer and end up on wasting extra money on expensive paints. Primer is the coating before the application of paint on the walls. It gives smooth looks to your painted area. Sometimes, your painter forgets to Read more…

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Wooden Artwork

Wood is such a beautiful blessing to our nature that we can’t count its applications. Wood has a wide range of applications such as in the construction of homes and furniture. Also, it fits in the category of decoration perfectly. You can use wooden frames and paintings to make startling Read more…

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False Ceiling


The bedroom is the place of comfort where everyone wants serenity of soul and body. A room where we can rest with ease after a long tired working day. There are many ways of arranging bedrooms in a convenient way which soothes your way of living and give you the quality of life. (more…)

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4 Facts you need to know about Curtains

The very next thing we always want to include in our home is curtains. They are not merely a piece of cloth hanging from the rod but plays a significant role in our life. They maintain beauty and decorum in the home. Curtains offer a good private life for your family and work. (more…)

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