Choosing PVC Panels – A Great Decision

PVC panels are used nowadays in almost every home. It was earlier a myth in everybody’s mind that these panels are not safe as these are like temporary ceilings and can fall any time. But this process of fitting these panels in the main ceilings is a great success. PVC panels are fitted using aluminium or steel pipes which are fitted to the walls and the ceiling for holding the PVC panels. (more…)

By Prachi Kumari, ago

POP & PVC False Ceiling


POP & PVC False Ceiling is nowadays a trend at every place. It is basically a dropped ceiling or we can say the second ceiling. False ceiling is named so because this is not the original or main ceiling but a ceiling made on the main ceiling. False Ceiling has a history of about 700 hundred years old. It was being used in Japan for some aesthetic and artistic reasons. (more…)

By Kaushal Dhawan, ago