4 Facts you need to know about Curtains

The very next thing we always want to include in our home is curtains. They are not merely a piece of cloth hanging from the rod but plays a significant role in our life. They maintain beauty and decorum in the home. Curtains offer a good private life for your family and work.

Today variety of curtains are popular to produce beautiful home interiors. Many designs are available in the market which will flourish your home with beautiful colours. Often people don’t give much preference in choosing a desirable curtain according to their windows and home spaces. Thus, end up establishing a meagre house.  If you want to know about various facts regarding curtains which will give your home a complete fabulous look, check the points given below:

Types of Curtains

The market is flooded with a variety of curtains with eye-catching designs. According to their roles, curtains are mainly of three types:

  • Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains let you view the other side ambiguously. They allow the light to cross through them and brighten your interiors in the daytime.

The main disadvantage is that they are so thin that they fail to maintain privacy in homes. This is the reason sheer curtains are also used in combination with some decorative curtains. This gives a new look to your home décor as well as maintains your privacy. Moreover, when you need daylight you can easily use sheer curtains.



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  • Decorative curtains

As the name suggests, decorative curtains play a major role in the decoration of your home interiors. They are produced with beautiful varieties of colors which represent your home gracefully. One can easily use them with sheer curtains to give them more elegant look.

People must know which color and design suit their interiors best. This will maintain the decorum and beauty of the home spaces.


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  • Thermal curtains

Thermal curtains are popular for their unique insulating qualities. Their special fabric blocks the sunlight and decreases the undesirable noises. Using thermal curtains give you lower energy bills for heating or cooling of your room or home. In summer, they block the scorching rays of the sun and keep your room at moderate temperature. They also stop the cold breeze of winter and keep your home warm.

Thus, thermal curtains are a good choice for the proper insulation of your home.


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So, according to your need now you can opt better curtains for your home interiors.


The color of curtains is the key to dominate your décor than others. You can’t pick up any color randomly. Here, we are discussing two main factors which will help you in selecting a good color for your curtains.

  • Matches with the paint color of house and furniture

One must know how to align the color of curtains with the paint of home space and furniture. You can choose either singular color theme or can blend multiple colors with respect to your home.

Interior designers have better knowledge in this field. You can also take suggestions from them. Today, you can easily find a good interior designer from different home service providers’ websites.

  • Light or dark colored curtains

Light color lets the daylight pass through it and gives shining look to your interiors. But some prefer dark colored curtains to cease the passage of daylight. It is all about preference. You can select any color according to your need.

There are also good textures which are light in color and don’t let the daylight pass through them.

Length of Curtains

Length of curtains has the potential to express your interiors in a distinct way. You can pick any length according to your need. There are mainly three different lengths which you can follow:

  • Up to window sill

In this, window curtain follows the length of the window. This is good for those who open their window a lot.

  • Some inches above ground

One can also choose curtain length just above the floor. This length gives your interiors a stylish look.

  • Lying on the floor

Curtain’s length can be so long that it lies on the floor. This length is also popular nowadays.

Installation of Rod

Not just length of curtains but length of the rod can also have their own way of representation.

  • Extends length of rod

Always install rods to hang curtains slightly longer in length than windows. This will give an illusion that window is larger than its actual size. Moreover, it lets the more sunlight to come in your home interiors.

  • Install rod higher than window frame

Installing the curtain rod few inches above the window frame gives a look of the large window.


Curtains don’t just provide an elegant look to your interiors but also add value to the quality of living. They provide privacy to our lives and prevent undesirable pollutants from entering the home.

Good quality thermal curtains offer you insulated interior and help to maintain a moderate temperature. Often people don’t pay much attention to the importance of installing curtains to get a quality of life, this is the reason to know such facts about curtains. Now you have plenty of good reason to select better curtains for your home décor.

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