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If we think about pollution-free and renewable energy resource, the first name comes to our mind is solar energy. Advantages of solar energy are vast including low energy bills, reliability and it also requires low maintenance cost once installed properly. Many people are not aware of the fact that how much energy they can withdraw from the sun, one of the easily available natural resources. Often, the process of withdrawing energy from the sun is ambiguous to many and they end up thinking it as a complex process.

People’s ambiguity leads to wastage of very efficient energy resource. Similarly, driving electricity from the sun through solar plates is considered as the convenient way of using solar energy. Let’s discuss this more, how it works.


Solar cells: Solar cells convert light energy or more specifically, solar energy into electricity. Production of electricity involves photo-voltaic reaction. Thus solar cells are also known as a photo-voltaic cell.

Solar panels: Solar cells combine to give solar panels for major effect. Solar panels intensify the effect of each solar cell and drive electricity from each of them to use it further.


In the process of driving electricity from solar energy, the sun comes in the main lead. Sun is the natural resource which abundantly gives sunlight. Unlike fossil fuels, it doesn’t create any pollution. Other energy-producing resources are depleting day by day. But even today you can have access to sunlight easily. Moreover, it is one of the safest methods to get energy.

This is the reason driving electricity from solar energy is efficient.


As it is more efficient than other energy generating resources, we need to install solar plates in such a way so that we can able to get more out of it. Let’s discuss the factors which lead to better production:

  • Sunlight

Sunlight is the major factor which leads to the better production of electricity. Mainly, in equator regions sunlight is effective enough to give good results. In winters, sunlight is not present all the time and thus production is less.

In summers, we have access to sunlight properly for longer hours. As well as, the intensity of sunlight is more in summers.

Thus areas having better access to sunlight can use solar energy in a better way.

  • Seasons

Different seasons define the intensity of sunlight and thus lead to better production of solar energy. Winters experience less sunny days, this is the reason for the low production of electricity.

  • Tilting

Just installing solar panels will not give you desired and efficient results. The tilting angle of solar panels matters for the better exposure of panels to sunlight.  For example, houses in northern hemisphere need to face their solar panels towards the south and vice versa.

Methods of tilting:

You can find the tilting angle according to your latitude. You just need to adjust it according to winters and summers. One of the simplest methods is:

In winters, add 15 degrees to your calculated latitude.

In summer, subtract 15 degrees to your latitude.

You can also know other more accurate methods of finding tilting angle for your solar panels, just click here. Link: http://www.solarpoweristhefuture.com


Solar energy has lots of applications not just in producing electricity but in different other fields too.

  • Heating Water

You can heat water using solar energy. There are geysers which are available with solar plates and helps in warming up water easily.

  • Cooking

Solar cookers are the device which convert solar energy. Then this energy can cook and heat the food present in cooker.

  • Solar Cars

Installing solar plates on the top of the car leads to the storage of sufficient energy which is required to run a motor. Thus, once charging the battery you can easily drive a car without using any fuel.


Solar energy is the safest energy available. It is pollution free energy generation method. The main disadvantage of driving energy from solar panels is the installation cost. Its installation cost is high but it is one-time investment. Means you need to invest only once then you can easily use solar energy efficiently.

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If someone wants to install solar plates in house or home, they can contact nearby electricians or can avail home services on the different websites which provide all home services readily.


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