All about Epic Villa Home Services

Introduction of EPIC VILA

EPIC VILA is all about making your home beautiful. What we know is that everybody wants their home to look beautiful and perfect. So we hereby present EPIC VILA, an online workers booking regime whEPIC VILAich comprises of all those services which are essential for normal living. EPIC VILA team is providing the following services by: Electricians, Plumbers, Interior Designers, Carpenters, Painter, AC & Appliance Repair, Party Organiser, Beautician. These services are provided by our best workers with their best efforts. For any type of work whether it be a one hour work or a full day work or it be a complete home making work, you don’t need to rush outside your house to find the workers or contractors as EPIC VILA is here for you at any place at any time with our team. EPIC VILA is providing services in the areas of Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur.

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Works done by our team are:


In day to day life, there is a big usage of electric appliances. There can be some technical fault in these appliances due to any mean. So, EPIC VILA team is here to provide the electricians who are smart enough to solve any kind of problem regarding your electric appliance.

Electric works done by Electrician can be: Electric appliances fitting and repairing, Wiring faults, Changing complete wiring system of residence and many more.


There are many areas in a house like kitchen, bathrooms etc which need a well beautiful plumbing work. There can be some fault in them due to any kind of wrong usage or by any other mean. So here our team is ready for you at anytime to solve your problems regarding plumbing work.
Plumbing works done by Plumber can be: Modification work, Plumbing repair, Completely new plumbing fitting in house and many more.

Interior Designer:

Everybody today wants their home to look beautiful. There can be a interior work like curtains, positioning of the home material at its right place if confused. So to overcome these small problems of yours which EPIC VILA deals with. Any kind of interior designing work in done by our team. You only need to book us and wait a little for the great result.
Works done by Interior Designer can be: Curtains for windows, False ceiling work, POP, Tiles and many more.


Carpentry work is an essential work for a home to look beautiful. EPIC VILA provides the best carpenters for you to make your home amazing.
Carpentry works done by Carpenter can be: Modular kitchen, Repair work of furniture, Furniture installation and many more.


Everyone wants to have the good colors in their lives, whether it be the color of their happiness or the coPainterlor that surrounds them. Painter is the person who brings the colors in everyone’s life. Our painters do every type of painting work. If the customer wants this service to paint their home or office or any other residential, he can simply book the painter with us.

Painting works done by Painter can be: Texture painting, Stencilling, Distressing, Sponging and many more.

AC & Appliance Repair:

The appliances used in the homes are generally AC, Refrigerator, TV, Washing Machine, Iron and many more. These things are necessary in daily life and are used on a regular basis. Due to the regular use and by some wrong usage of these things can damage them. So a common person needs the repairmen in his life to repair these appliances.

Our repairmen can repair any type of appliance whether it be AC or TV or any other thing. Even the installation work is also done by our servicemen.

Party Organizer:

Everyone wants to take a break from their daily working lives and have fun. The people use to organize party so that everyone from their relatives and also the loved ones can come and meet and enjoy the moments.

But in many cases the people who organize party by themselves are not able to attend their guests in making everything good in the party. Our party organizers deal with these problems.

Every type of party is organized by our servicemen with their best efforts. Birthday parties, reunion party, retirement party, marriage party and many more party are organized by our party organizers.


There are many occasions in which the people don’t get time to go to the salon or beauty parlours to get ready. So, our beautician service makes it easy for people to call the beautician at their desired place. Every type of service which come under the category of Beautician service is done by our beauticians.

PVC False Ceiling:

PVC False Ceiling is nowadays a trend at every place. It is basically a dropped ceiling or we can say the second ceiling. False ceiling is named so because this is not the original or main ceiling but a ceiling made on the main ceiling.

Every type of PVC false ceiling of wall design is made by our experienced professionals.

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