HOLI- The Festival of Colors

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Colors make our life joyful and spectacular. Then there is no reason that people want to miss festival of colors, Holi which brings happiness to their lives. Holi is one of the famous festivals of India. On this day, everyone throws and smear colors on each other to embark the significance of Holi.
One day before playing Holi with colors, people gather and organize bonfire for Holika Dahan. Here, people pray for the goodness of their families and work. Holi is the festival where people honour the good over evil and celebrate their togetherness with each other. Next day people play Rangwali Holi or Holi with colors which are awaited by many people in their calendars.

History behind Holi

There is a historical story behind the celebration of Holi. Once there was a king named Hiranyakashyap. He was egoistic and over-confident. He wanted that everyone in his empire must worship him. But his own son, Prahlada refused to follow his instruction. Being the devotee of Lord Vishnu, he worshipped him. This agitated Hiranyakashyap and he took a strict move to kill his son. He commanded his sister to kill him by sitting inside the burning fire with Prahlada. Holika had a special power which protected her from burning fire. But that day, when Holika sat with Prahlada, Lord Vishnu saved Prahlada and Holika was burned to ashes. This shows the victory of good over evil. From that day onwards, people celebrate this festival with colors and happiness.

Play Safe Holi


While playing Holi with colors, people especially children need to understand how to play with colors. Some of the points we need to know to play eco-friendly and healthy Holi are:

  • Use less water while playing Holi. There is no requirement to waste lots of water just to mix colors in it and throwing it on others. Use water efficiently.
  • Don’t throw colors on animals. Always treat them with respect and never try to harm them with stubborn colors.
  • Always purchase colors with full attention and care. Low quality and cheap colors can cause irritation after applying. They even can cause some skin problems.
  • Prevent your eyes from the contact of colors. Moreover, never throw or smear colors in someone else’s eyes. They are most sensitive parts of your body and give them good care. After encountering any persistence irritation consult a doctor immediately.
  • Before playing Holi, apply any moisturizing cream or oil on your body. It protects your body from the marks of permanent color. This also prevents you from any sort of irritation from the colors.
  • Eat healthy and tasty food without indulging yourself in eating adulterated food. Festive seasons face more adulteration in the sweet dishes than normal days.

Just keeping these simple things in mind, one can enjoy the festival of colors up to the fullest. Have happy and safe Holi.

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