Check out the common appliances in homes with their working conditions as well as the electricity they consume. A list of these appliances is:

  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Air Conditioner
  • Oven
  • Geyser


Television or just TV is the finest invention of all time. It lets a person at one end enjoy the beauty of the world at another end.

Today, a home is incomplete without a TV since it is an integral part of our life. It updates us with daily news of the world around us.


Television, TV, appliances

TV’s camera, transmitter, and receiver play an important role in its working. Its camera converts pictures and audio into a signal for transmission.

Transmitter transfer this signal to various places where TV connection is available. Whenever these signals are captured by the receiver of television it again converts those signals into the picture and audio which is needed to display on the television screen.

Earlier we have televisions, called Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television. There worked based on the CRT which was a little bit complex and its picture quality was not so good.

Working conditions of Television


Mainly a TV requires a voltage between 100 to 300 watts for its functioning. The voltage required by television depends upon:

Size of TV

The bigger the size, the more voltage is needed for operation.

Type of technology

It defines the technology on which a TV is working. For example, earlier we had CRT-based televisions, which consume around 80 watts of electricity. Today all TV consumes more than 100 watts.


Generally, brightness can be controlled through manual settings. But it is an important factor in deciding how much electricity a TV can consume on this factor.


  • Signals or network are necessary for the working of TV. Its transmitter catches the signals and show them to its display or television screen.
  • Thus, TV should be installed in such manner which will let you watch your favourite show without any hindrance.


Refrigerator or fridge plays an important role in keeping our eatables and food fresh for a long time. It has main advantages in summer since it’s a season in which cold things are in demand and the refrigerator completes the need of that time.

refrigerator, appliances

Refrigerators have low temperatures as compared to its surrounding and thus placing things in it extends their tenure.


Two factors define the working of the refrigerator:

  • Thermal insulation: Thermal insulation ensures that no heat will pass through the interface of the object.
  • Heat pump: It pumps out the heat residing inside the fridge to the surrounding and eventually, lowers the temperature inside of fridge.

So from the above factors, we can conclude that the refrigerator is thermally insulated and consists of a heat pump. Combining these factors lead to the cooling effects of the refrigerator.

Working conditions of Refrigerator


The refrigerator consumes around 700 watts to 1200 watts of electricity. However, the refrigerator takes fewer watts if the compressor is off.

Prevention from direct sun rays

The refrigerator needs to be placed out of reach of the direct sunlight. This is because when direct sun rays fall on the cooling elements of the fridge it needs to fight more against sunlight and to maintain a lower temperature than the surrounding.


The washing machine is the gadget which eases our work of washing clothes. It saves our time since while our clothes are being washed, we can utilize that time in some other activity.

washing machine, appliances

Washing machines are available in different sizes and they occupy a small area of your home to carry out its task.


Working of washing machines involves:

  • Inner drum: This the drum in which we drop our clothes for washing and which is visible to us.
  • Outer drumThis drum is not visible to us but it plays important role in washing. It surrounds the inner drum and holds it when it rotates back and forth to wash clothes.
  • Programmer: 1. Programmer is the device which let you wash your clothes without any tension. You just need to put your clothes into the washing machine and it will do all work for you including rinsing. 2. There are many advanced programmer which even can check whether the water is cold or hot and at what temperature they are needed to wash. 3. There are also many washing machines which don’t have programmer. In such washing machines, manual work is needed at regular interval whenever different task is needed.

So from the above, we can define the working of the washing machine which makes our everyday task easy and time-saving.

Working conditions of Washing Machine


The washing machine needs 300 to 500 watts for its operation. It’s the safest working condition for the washing machine.

Avoid overloading

Never overload your washing machine, often it starts vibrating and can lead to many other problems in the future.


This appliance becomes a crucial part of our life when hot summer with scorching sunlight comes. It let you enjoy cooling effects even in summer and let you relax.

The air conditioner filters the air inside the room and makes it clean to breathe. It also increases the working efficiency of humans by giving them favorable conditions to work.


The working of air conditioner involves three main components:


It is the component that accumulates the hot air from the surrounding with the help of refrigerant gas. The role of liquid refrigerant comes into play when it absorbs heat and evaporates as a gas.


The compressor is installed outside of the house or in the outer opening. It compresses the refrigerant gas into the liquid.



It is also present outside of the house. It takes the refrigerant from the compressor and removes the heat from it. The heat is then thrown out of the room or house.

So, from the above points, we can define the working of Air conditioner.

Working conditions of Air Conditioner


The voltage required by AC ranges between 500 to 3500 watts depending upon what type of AC we are using.

For example, these are data:

  1. Central Air Conditioner – 3500 Watts
  2. Central A/C Fan Only – Compressor Off – 750 Watts
  3. Largest Window Units – 1440 Watts
  4. Medium Window Unit – 900 Watts
  5. Smallest Window Unit – 500 Watts



You need to check the filters of AC regularly so that air can cool easily through evaporators. One who uses AC frequently needs to change filters more regularly.


oven, cooking oven, appliances

The oven is the gadget that helps you in baking, cooking, and heating your food and

eatables. It is the easiest method for cooking.

There are various benefits of using oven such as:

  • Fast: You can cook food in oven faster than any alternative method.
  • Safe: Oven doesn’t involve usage of fire thus, it is much safe to use.
  • Cleanliness: It’s very easy to clean the oven if food scattered during cooking and hence easy to maintain.


Electric ovens use electricity to cook food. They convert electricity into heat to complete their task.

First, the dialer present in the oven is set to on. Then electricity runs through the coil and the metal present inside of oven heats up.

Dialer adjusts what amount of electricity is in need for cooking.

Working conditions of OVEN


The voltage required by an electric oven ranges between 220 and 240 volts at 60-hertz frequency.

Electric sparks

Since ovens use electricity thus before working on the oven check all the wiring and connections to avoid electric spark and firing.


Geyser helps in heating up the cold water which we can use comfortably especially, in cold weather. It is helpful since it makes the water warm quickly without any manual efforts.

geyser, water heater, appliances


The working principle for geyser is same as Oven that is usage of electricity to heat the water.
Geyser consists of insulated container in which there are two pipes. One pipe is used for the inlet of cold water while other acts as outlet of hot water.
Geyser has heating elements inside of container which come into action when switch is turned ON. In this way, cold water which was entered through inlet pipe is then ready for use at higher temperature.

Working conditions of GEYSER


Geyser can works up to 2200 watts of electricity. Geyser with extra volume can has more requirement but approximately all geysers can work in this range.

Wire Connections

Its operation is based on electricity as well as it involves heating up of water and combining both of them can cause severe disaster. Thus, after installing your geyser check out all connections carefully to avoid any serious condition in the future.

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