Hygiene – The necessity of the Bathroom

Talking about bathroom in this article, I would say it is one of the essential rooms at every place. No building can be constructed without taking bathroom in consideration. Now, the design which is as important as the bathroom as a whole. Designs of the bathrooms tell about the people’s mentality. People have different mind-set related to their bathrooms.

Bathrooms say allot about the people. In many regions of India there are so many places where there is given no importance to the bathrooms, but they don’t have knowledge that most of the decease come in the body due to unhygienic places.

Some Photos of the Hygienic Bathrooms are

BathroomImage Source:

BathroomImage Source:

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I think these photos will be enough to explain my rest of the article.

In all these given pictures you can see that there is proper cleanliness in the washrooms. Explaining in some further details of these pictures, towels are there along with the wash basins, which is the great indicator of the proper hygiene. Also, toilet paper is there near the commodes.

Meaning of Hygiene

According to Collins Dictionary– “Hygiene is the practice of keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, especially in order to prevent illness or the spread of diseases.”

So, the place free from that product or waste product which can create illness or some disease is the hygienic place.

In bathrooms there are so many things which can define the hygiene. Some of which are listed below:

  • Towel
  • Hand Wash
  • Toilet Paper
  • Dustbin
  • Toilet Cleaner

These points can be explained in details as:


Towel is an essential element of a bathroom. Cleanliness is defined by how you use your towel efficiently.

The towel used in the bathroom should be replaced often. If the towel remains same for a long term, it starts smelling and creates germs.bathroom towel

Use a bar to hang the towel instead of hooks. There are many reasons why I am saying this. Hanged towels with hooks are not completely used due to their distorted structure while hanging. Also in some cases while using the towel there are possibilities of tearing of the cloth.

Hand Wash

Hand wash is a mandatory thing in washrooms. Using liquid hand washes instead of soups is the best way to remain safe from the germs. Although the liquid hand washes are a bit costlier than the bar soups but they are very much convenient to use. They never get mushy like bar soups.

There are so many soups in the market which can be used by the people. I would suggest you to buy only those soups which suit your skin. Because there are so many soups which can damage the skin.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a thing which, not everyone, but many people prefer to use in the bathrooms.

toilet paper

It is very much essential to use toilet papers in washrooms. There should be awareness about the uses of them because not using toilet papers can create so many health related problems. Also, they should be used to save the wastage of water. These are cost effective too.

Toilet Cleaner

Toilet cleaner is as important as the toilet. It is a necessity in commercial places because there are so many people who use toilets there due to which it can create harmful germs and bacteria. So, to maintain proper hygiene in the commercial places, there should be proper cleaning of the toilets.

There are so many brands of toilet cleaners in the market such as Harpic, Lizol, Sani Fresh and lot more. Using these toilet cleaners, we can reduce the chances of sickness up to a great extent.


There should be a dustbin in every toilet so that any of the waste material whether it be the toilet paper or the shampoo sachets, it should be dropped in that particular dustbin so that there should not be any dirt in the washrooms.


The dustbin, not so much big in size but a small one, using a black polybag can be used. Why I am saying a black colored poly bag has a reason behind which is – black poly bags don’t show any of the dirt (dry or wet), this can also be a part of the good hygiene in the bathrooms.


In conclusion, I will say hygiene of every place is must for the proper disease free body. Bathroom is a place from where this hygiene word starts. If a person’s bathroom is good hygienic, we can say the person has negligible chances of body diseases.

So I must say we all should take care of our bathroom only then our bathrooms will take care of our body. Also for proper hygienic bathroom you can contact a home designer especially bathroom designer.

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