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Importance of Primer in Painting

Have you heard of primer prior to painting? Often people ignore the usefulness of primer and end up on wasting extra money on expensive paints. Primer is the coating before the application of paint on the walls. It gives smooth looks to your painted area. Sometimes, your painter forgets to mention about this.

Thus, in that situation, you must have proper knowledge regarding the effectiveness of primer. There are numerous advantages of using a good primer. In this article, we will discuss the primer and its uses. After knowing about the primer you will eventually never forget to apply primer in your interiors.

You can also take suggestions from the professional painter about the primer and which will be best for your interiors. Let’s have a look at some important facts regarding primer which you should know.

What is a Primer and its Advantages?

A primer is a coating which we apply prior to painting. Painting always transforms your house or room into the beautiful looks. If painting is not done correctly, it will ruin not just money but you end up spoiling your whole house. Such décor gives a bad impression to other who visits your home. Thus, to avoid such scenario you must know the advantages of primer before painting your walls. Some of the effective advantages of primer are:


Paints Spread Evenly

While we paint, sometimes wall soaks excessive paint than another region. Due to this you can’t get evenly spread color which leads to wastage of money and efforts on painting. This is the reason the primer is useful in such situation. All you need to do is to prefer primer before you think of any color to paint.

Increase in Durability

Using Primer also increases the durability and sustainability of paint on the walls. It will make your painted walls long- lasting and new. Thus, using primer makes your interiors adorable and beautiful. Moreover, it gives a good finishing to your walls.

Hide Plaster Patches or Spots on Walls

To make some changes in our home, construction leads to broken or cracked space. To fill these gaps we use plaster or cement which lead to visible marks on the wall. Thus, during painting, if you coat these marks with multiple layers, then it will give a bad impression.

wall writing

Similarly, to hide writings or drawings on walls you can prefer a primer to ensure smooth finishing to your painting. Thus, a much better option is to purchase a good primer for walls, which effectively hides all the spots and marks without any much effort.

Switch from one Dark Color to Another

It is one of the common problems when we want to change our wall color from one dark color to another. Consider, a situation you already have red color on your walls. But this time for a change you want them to paint with blue color. Then you get stuck since even after many coatings you can’t get glowing and completely adorable finishing to your walls. Therefore, in this situation select a light color primer (white) and apply it on your walls. Then you can paint any color you want with the smooth classic look.

Other Uses

Primer is efficient in the painting of wood and metal. A wooden log or area is porous and applying expensive paint on it can lead to non-uniformity of color of the available surface. Thus, using a primer before painting can give you marvelous wooden space. You can select any primer based on their quality and appearance.

It is also used for preventing a metal from rusting. A waterproof primer can save your reactive metal like aluminium from rusting for a long time just by applying a layer of it.

How to Choose Primer?

Sometimes, people confuse between the primer that which one to use. There are mainly two kinds:

  • Latex
  • Oil-based

In the same way, we have latex or acrylic and oil based paints. We use latex paints on the walls and ceilings whereas oil based paints are good for doors and windows. Latex paints are also known as water based paints. They dry faster than oil based paints. But oil based paints are more durable than water based paints. It’s hard to remove oil based paint from the point of application.

So what’s the point in discussing about the type of paints in detail? Fact is that application of primer depends on the type of paint you are going to apply. So, when you are about to paint your walls with water based or latex paints then for better results apply a latex primer only. Similarly, apply oil based primer before the application of oil based paints.

So now you know how to select a good primer for your work according to the paint you are going to apply.

Can water based primer also be used for oil based paints?

The answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Latex or water based primer is even good for oil based paints. Suppose you want to apply oil based paint on your wall but earlier you had applied latex paint on it. Then you simply can’t apply oil based paint. You need to follow just easy steps given below:

  • Rub the wall to remove the latex paint as much as possible.
  • After removing most of it, apply latex or water based primer on the wall.
  • Then apply oil based paint of any color you want.

This process helps in better adhesion of oil based color paint to the wall just by using water based primer.

From where to buy a Good Primer?

You can easily access the range of primers from any wall painting shop. Just ask them your need and they will suggest a good one according to your requirement. You can also browse on internet as there are wide varieties of brands available such as Asian paints, Nerolac and Dulux. Just go to these websites and get a good primer for your walls.


Primer just adds beauty to your favourite paint wall and make it more appreciable. The majority of people don’t pay attention to the usefulness of primer. But in reality, it gives you more beautiful walls comparing to the situation when you only have paint to apply. As we all are aware of the fact that precaution is always better than cure, thus, apply a primer before painting your walls. It saves them from moisture and unevenly spreading of paint.

Primer helps paint in the adhesion to the wall more effectively. Eventually, it increases the life of your paint on your walls. Ask any professional painter for more suggestions. You can also watch video on YouTube where you can get information about primer by a professional painter.

Moreover, today we have many home services websites. They help you to find out a professional painter with a good experience in his hands. All you need to do is to visit one of such websites and book your services. Without any efforts, you will get a good painter at your doorstep.

In this article we have encountered such incredible benefits of using primer. After this, you will never forget to apply it before painting your walls. Just apply it and surprise yourself with the long lasting effects of painting.

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