Introduction of EPIC VILA

EPIC VILA is all about making your home beautiful. What we know is that everybody wants their home to look beautiful and perfect. So we hereby present EPIC VILA, an online workers booking regime whEPIC VILAich comprises of all those services which are essential for normal living. EPIC VILA team is providing the following services by: (more…)

By Kaushal Dhawan, ago

Chandigarh – The City Beautiful

India is one of the fascinating countries in the world with its alluring diversity. It consists of seven union territories out of which Chandigarh embraces its beauty like stars in full moon night. Chandigarh spruces up by the number of green gardens, restaurants like Saffron , Oregano and Gopal sweets, Punjabi dhabaas like pal dhaba, night clubs for parties like kitty su, para club,score and buzz, malls like NCM and ELANTE etc. (more…)

By Prachi Kumari, ago