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Paint Colors Psychology in Homes

In this article we will discuss about the different colors i.e. different painting colors which have one or the other psychological effect on the people.

The places in homes which we are going to discuss for are Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Study room, Dining room.

The very first thing which we are going to discuss is – What are the effect of different colors on our minds?

Take a look at the below given picture.

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In the given image you can see some of the commonly used colors in homes. These colors convey different some meaning. So according to their meaning, they are used to paint in the different rooms of the house.

For Bedroom

Bedroom is the place where you get the relaxation from the whole day tension and this should have a color which also helps in making us relaxed.

So, for bedroom the most suited color can be Blue or Green. As these colors are cool, calm and provide a refreshing atmosphere.

bedroom, green color

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For Dining Room

For dining room, as it is the place where people gather together and converse, the color should be some warm, exciting and energetic. So, for dining room one can use the color Red or Orange.

Also for the entryway these colors create a strong first impression.

dining room, red color

For Kitchen

Best color for the kitchen can be Orange or Yellow. As these colors give energy, excitement and create a working environment.

It is preferred to use these colors in the kitchen. Also for the other places like living room, we can use these colors.

Kitchen, yellow color

For Bathroom

As the blue color is a calm color and is used to calm the blood pressure of the body, so this color is preferred in the bathrooms. Even the white or black, but not pure black, can be used in the washrooms which can create a neutral environment.

Bathroom, black&white color

For Library

Library is the place where one needs a concentration and even imaginative thinking. So for the library Brown color suits the most.

Brown color has warmth, seriousness and this color brings deep conversation among the people. So library is the place where we need this color.

White is a neutral color and can be used with any color like it can be used with black, brown, red as well as the color blue. The combination made by these colors with white can be tremendous.


In conclusion we can say that all the colors have one or the other psychological effect on the people. These colors can make someone angry as well as they can make people calm.

Every color conveys different nature of itself. Some colors are energetic & warm, on the other hand some are very cool & calm. So, by remembering the nature of the color one should paint his/her home.

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