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Painting is one of the crucial tasks of any work space or area. It enhances the overall appearance of the places. Commercial places also need such appearances to maintain the decorum of the place. In most of the cases, painting goes wrong and thus ruins the overall view of the place.

Thus, here we are going to discuss some of the hacks for painting commercial places which will give smooth and amazing effects.

Use ‘W’ or Zigzag Pattern to Paint

Painting in a ‘W’ or zigzag pattern will give smooth and evenly covered wall. It will also ensure smooth look to your painted area by avoiding over coating of paint. Thus, many people prefer painting their walls using zigzag pattern as it also covers maximum area while painting.

Use Nails or Bed Raisers to Paint Heavy Objects

Painting furniture keeps it safe and increases the life span of furniture. Painting furniture at the commercial places after a long time is a good idea. But heavy objects make painting hard as it may lead to the marks of paint on the floor. Then it requires more work to remove those marks.

Thus, to overcome this problem use nails or bed raisers to raise them above from ground which will facilitates our work in painting.

Separate Cases to hold the Painting Brushes and Paints

Generally, we apply two to three paints for better appearance of the given space. Often two different colors mix with each other and give different odd color which ruins the monotony of the existing colors. Also, paint brushes from one container to other lead to the mixing of colors.

Thus, we need to hold our paints and paint brushes in different cases which will not create problem in painting a particular color.

Apply Vaseline to Places where you don’t want to Paint

Vaseline is well known for its water repellent properties. It also helps in preventing small areas where we don’t want to paint. Such areas can be screws or nuts on furniture and can be anything on the wall where we don’t want any paint.

Thus, applying Vaseline will make your work so easy in avoiding small areas of your panting work.

Preventing Hardening of Paint Brush

Leaving a paint brush for a long time makes it hard. It will be more difficult to use painting brushes, paintingit for painting since strands of brush get stick to each other. We can use a single paint brush many times for painting.

To maintain the flexibility of paint brush first wash it properly. Moreover, cover it with plastic to avoid hardening of paint brush.

Use Plastic Bags to save objects from Paints

Commercial places often consist of furniture like tables and chairs. Painting an area having such furniture creates problem since drops of paints can ruin it.

Thus, to avoid this we can use plastic or simply plastic bags to cover the furniture safely. This will prevent the furniture from the marks of paints. Also, it is one of the money saving and effective method to save furniture instead of shifting it at various places.

Use a Rubber Band to remove excess Paint from Brush

Usually, we wipe our brush along the rim of the paint container. But you can use more efficient method. You can attach a rubber band horizontally along the rim of container. When you will take your brush out of the container you can easily wipe it with the rubber band.

This will help in removing excess paint from the brush.

Remove the Painter’s Tape Shortly

Painter’s tape is one of the best tool which prevents paint from the undesirable areas. For example, you want to paint in a straight line along the window. Then you can use painter’s tape to avoid paint at undesirable places. Also, using painter’s tape in a straight line gives you sense of direction. After peeling off that tape will yield straight line paint along the edges.

Now, the hack of painter’s tape is to remove it soon after the paint dries. It will avoid sticking of paint on the tape. 

Soak Dirty Paint Brushes in Vinegar for half an hour

Many times painting leaves brushes rough and sticky. To clean the brushes and to soften them, we can soak them in the vinegar for 30 minutes.

Vinegar removes the dirt and undesirable paint from the brush. Hence, leaves it soft and clean. Then, we can easily use Paint brush again.


Knowing about some useful hacks before painting your area is always a good choice. Small differences give clarity to the appearance after the painting and such hacks will help you in completing those goals.

One can also refer to the professional painter who is aware of hacks of painting. Then, taking suggestion from painter will be a good decision.

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