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Water is the vital element for our survival. In today’s world of modernization plumber also becomes an important personality for us as water run down through pipeline system.

Plumber is a person who is responsible for installing and maintaining the pipeline system used for water may be for drinking water, drainage system or sewage.

Plumber need to have the following skills:

  • capability to investigate the existing problem.
  • can able to read the layout diagrams of pipeline structure
  • can able to maintain and install the required device.
  • Proper knowledge of safety equipment used for plumbing.

So, we can say that plumbing is a work which involves the use of pipes, valves, fixtures to fix two pipes, tanks for the transfer of fluids mainly water.

Roles of a Plumber

Plumbers are responsible for doing variety of works given as follows:

  • Install pipeline system in a home so that water can be used efficiently.
  • Identify the fault and repair it as soon as possible to avoid wastage of water.
  • Can easily measure, cut and install the pipes for proper functioning.
  • Joins pipes if water is needed to be transferred for long distances.
  • Maintain pipes for proper use by testing them regularly, to detect any leak or any flaw.
  • Solves problems regarding sewage and draining system.

Present Scenario

In villages, there are many women who carry water daily from long distances just to use it in their daily need. So, main advantage of pipeline system is that we have access to water directly to our homes, no need to travel long paths.

As nothing is perfect, pipelines can also have some leakage or flaws and thus in that situation we need a plumber.

As, approximately all areas have pipeline system so we may need plumber at any time. In fast paced modern cities people in general have less time to find out a good plumber who can easily diagnose their problem and don’t let them to suffer.

To fulfill this requirement of people there are many websites or many other regions/areas from where this plumbing services can be booked online or just by one call.

Plumbing Laws and Codes

Plumbing is not a free, independent work. Instead, it has certain laws and codes and these codes must be known by a plumber. For example, The International Plumbing Code (IPC) is a comprehensive model plumbing code that works in coordination with ICC’s family.

It sets appropriate regulations for plumbing systems and components to protect life, health and safety of building and the residents.

Prices of Plumbers

In united states, plumber’s hourly prices vary between $14 to $45. On the other hand, in India, the price of plumber’s work vary from Rs 200 to Rs 300 per hour. For big contracts, the charges are according to the work.

Similarly in the case of the city Chandigarh, there are small hourly works as well as big contracts. Plumbers in Chandigarh have their own terms since it is a union territory and thus have their own laws and codes.

Ways of WorkingPlumber cartoon

Plumbers can either work individually or under any contractor/dealer. Sometimes, they even run their own shops comprises of various types of plumbing material and equipment.

Nowadays, many websites also provide plumbing services by displaying their names. By this, any individual plumber or shop owner can also get a job just by sitting at its own place.

Many times, plumbers don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding advanced mobile phones and websites, so such websites help them to find jobs for them. This helps in easy access of plumbers whenever needed by residents.

Safety Equipment

Plumber’s work is not as easy as just we think of it i.e. tightening of nuts and bolts, it’s more than that. Sometimes, plumbers work in tight and wet conditions which can be hazardous to them. Thus, plumbers need to wear some safety equipment to prevent any harmful situation. Some of the safety equipment are:

Safety glasses of Plumber

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and that’s why their protection is so important. Many times, plumbers work in a narrow drain, working under a sink, replacing a pipe, soldering etc. all these works may leave significant effect on eyes in a negative way. Thus, usage of safety glasses is very important.

Hard Hats

Plumbing work can be anywhere, at any height of any home or building. Whether its joining of pipes from one floor to other for water supply or walking into an attic or at narrow tunnel in which any solid object can collide with your head. So, wearing a hard hat is always a good option to save your head from injuries during plumbing.

Back Support and Knee Pads

Plumbing requires work even in congested places. So back and knees are prone to injury while working in tight, packed areas at degree. So, using any back support and stiff knee pads to prevent any injury.


Plumbers use many hand tools and other equipment which can hurt them. There are also many chemicals which they encounter during repairing as well as they need to do soldering during joining of pipes. Thus, the subtle need is to wear hand insulated gloves which keep their hands safe.

Quality Shoes

Plumbers are required to work in humid or wet areas and thus they are required to wear quality of shoes having good grip so that it will reduce the risk of their falling.


Plumber has now become so important part of our life that we can’t deny this fact that they are not playing any role in our society.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find plumber having good skills and knowledge and that’s why we have various websites available to have their easy access. Some websites also provide services 24*7.

So now there is no space of frustration in minds of people due to dripping of water from pipelines which never let them sleep in peace. Just dial number and have a plumber at your doorstep to redeem your problem.

Plumbers just don’t ease your work by providing you pipeline connection, they even help to save water so that everybody can use efficient amount of water without spilling it here and there.

So, next time, don’t hesitate to book plumber because it’s the need of the hour to save the water and plumber is the person who can help you to save the water.

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