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POP Ceiling Design catalog 2021


Looking for beautiful & simple POP false designs catalog 2021 for your house. We got you sorted with these amazing 20 simple & best POP designs for your house. 

We have the best images of POP false ceiling design ideas for the living room, bedroom, drawing-room.

Things that you should know about POP false ceiling design are listed below so that you are aware of everything:

1. Basically, a POP false ceiling is made from plaster of Paris powder. 

2. POP is basically a quick setting gypsum plaster & it is made by heating up gypsum to the point where all of its water evaporates and leave behind a powdery substance. 

3. The powder which is formed is fine & white in color.

4. The powder is then mixed with water so that it can be molded in different shapes & sizes or any other specific designs. Then it is left to dry.

Precautions to take during the installation:

1. Firstly, make sure that the area is not prone to any leakage. 

2. Always use POP from well-known brands like Gyproc so that it doesn’t crack during the entire procedure. 

3. Make sure that the thickness of the false ceiling is around 10-12mm. If you are using below this it can lead to damage. 

4. Completely dry out the POP before installing it on the ceiling.

Now we should move further to have a look at what we actually want to see. The images of beautiful & simple POP false ceiling ideas are listed below. Have a look and choose what you want to decorate your home.

All POP Ceiling Design catalog 2021

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