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POP & PVC False Ceiling


POP & PVC False Ceiling is nowadays a trend at every place. It is basically a dropped ceiling or we can say the second ceiling. False ceiling is named so because this is not the original or main ceiling but a ceiling made on the main ceiling.

False Ceiling has a history of about 700 hundred years old. It was being used in Japan for some aesthetic and artistic reasons.

After a long period of time in 1958, a person named Donald A. Brown filed for a patent for this type of construction work. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and POP (Plaster of Paris) play a very important role in making a place beautiful and attractive.


Plaster of Paris is made up of a hard substance called Gypsum. This is used for designing the ceilings and even the walls of a place. It is so simple to make the mixture of POP that the powder is just mixed with water and we are done with it, the material is ready for use.

There are many advantages of using POP like,

  • It has a tremendous durability.
  • POP is very light in weight.
  • It is fire resistant and a great heat insulating material.
  • Once it is fixed, it is fixed. It becomes very difficult to remove POP.
  • We can make any shape using POP material and use it as a decoration material.
  • It has a great shine and smoothness and even when some colour is provided to it, POP easily holds the colour, due to which it looks more attractive.

False Ceiling

False Ceiling is the ceiling made beneath the main ceiling. There are so many materials used in false ceiling like wood, gypsum, thermocol, PVC etc. Nowadays PVC is trending material used for false ceiling.

There are many advantages of false ceiling that why one should opt this. Those advantages are:

  • It has the same advantage as that of the first advantage of POP i.e. a great life.
  • False ceiling helps to make the room cool.
  • It reduces the roof height so the room coolers like AC have to cover the less area of ceiling which is the main reason that how the false ceiling helps to make the room cool.
  • As the materials used in false ceiling are a good insulators of fire, so it is fire resistant too.
  • The main benefit of false ceiling is that it acts as a base for decorative lights, chandeliers and fans.
  • It reduces the echo of a room.
  • The maintenance cost of PVC false ceiling is almost zero.

PVC False Ceiling Over POP Ceiling

PVC false ceiling is more preferable as compared to POP ceiling and today everybody is running for PVC false ceiling instead of POP. There are so many reasons why everybody is going for PVC not for POP in today’s life. For instance,

PVC is more durable than POP,

PVC is more water resistant than POP,

using PVC false ceiling makes the room cool,

PVC has more “Show Off” properties as compared to POP,

decorative lights have a great impact in PVC than in POP,

and many more.

Disadvantages of PVC False Ceiling

If anything has so many advantages, it would definitely have some disadvantages as well.

So focussing one a few disadvantages, we have:

  • The main disadvantage of opting PVC false ceiling is that it reduces the headroom.
  • The material used is chlorine which is very dangerous in its natural state.
  • If they are not maintained well i.e. if regular cleaning is not there, PVC false ceiling can be home for many spiders and other insects.
  • False ceiling need the actual roof to be a bit high so that after the installation of this false ceiling, the room should not look smaller or compressed.
  • They are not so solid so if something heavy is hanged with the ceiling, it can damage the ceiling as well as the object.

Present Scenario

The present scenario is that everybody wants he/she should look beautiful and make a good impact on others, same in case of their homes or residences. They want their homes or buildings look beautiful.

There are so many ways one can make home beautiful like interior designing work, wooden work, False Ceiling is one of them. False ceiling plays crucial role in making the homes beautiful.

Everybody is running nowadays for PVC false ceiling as it is cost effective as well as it looks ravishing.


One should be aware about the latest trends in life so that he/she should be able to face the world in the same way as the other people. So as we all know PVC false ceiling and POP ceiling is a trend of today’s world, everybody should opt this.

In conclusion, there are a lot of designs and rates of the PVC boards, so that nobody should feel that he/she cannot afford this decorative part of home in his/her entire life.

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