Select the Right Wood type for your Furniture

Wooden furniture has the special space in home interiors. It gives a natural and elegant look to your home. This is the reason wooden furniture is irreplaceable. For perfect looking furniture you need to select a fine wood which gives the amazing appearance. There are many types of wood which are effective for making furniture.

Selection of wood for the furniture is one of the crucial tasks. The strength of wood in a specific material determines which wood is needed to select. Only a few have knowledge regarding the types of woods present around us. This is the reason here we have discussed types of the woods, which one can use to build furniture with good strength and appearance.

Types of Wood

Basically, there are two types of wood;


Softwood is generally used to produce timber in constructing windows, doors and components of furniture sets. Softwoods have a lower density as compared to hardwoods. Softwood is obtainable from trees like Cedar, Pine and Redwood.


Hardwood is useful in giving good quality furniture, flooring of houses and buildings. It is also used for producing long-lasting products. Hardwood as the name suggests consists of higher density than softwood. One can get hardwood from trees like Mahogany, Maple, teak, Poplar and Oak.

Though almost every hardwood and softwood have the similar properties but exceptions exist here too.

Usage of Hardwood in Furniture


Mahogany comes under the category of expensive wood types. Its reddish-brown color and smooth finishing with classic look makes it special. Mahogany furniture stands for a long time and this is the reason it has good durability. Due to closely packed grains, Mahogany has the good strength to withstand in every weather for a long time.


Maple is effective in building heavy objects like kitchen cabinet and dressers. It’s light brown in color and sometimes found in reddish color. Maple can be stained easily and can look like any other expensive wood.

The main disadvantage of Maple is that due to change of weather it can shrink or expand. That’s why it is temperamental in nature. To overcome this, it is necessary to block the pores of wood properly and pass the wood through acclimatization.


Teak can make your interior flawless with its high amount of oil content. It is weather as well as water resistance, this makes a teak wood one of the most durable woods for furniture. Mainly it has applications in constructing doors, boat deck and various outdoor furniture. Its color ranges from dark brown to golden brown.

teak furniture

Teak wood has tightly packed straight pattern grains which gives a smooth and beautiful look to your interiors as a furniture.


Oak is the most popular wood in the construction of furniture. It has a very good strength which gives you long-lasting benefits. Oak is useful in manufacturing chairs, tables and sofa frame. It has two types namely, white oak and red oak.

oak furniture

One of the major advantages of using oak is that it is affordable. It doesn’t have expensive rates like mahogany and teak. Using oak in your furniture gives the most classic look to your interior which makes your home adorable.


Poplar is readily available wood in furniture making. It is the most soft among all the hardwoods which makes it easy to cut. It acquires smooth finishing without too much hard work.

Poplar is present from light to yellowish brown in color. Though, sometimes it also consists of strips of green and dark brown. It is mostly used in the manufacturing of drawers.

Usage of Softwood in Furniture


Pine is lightweight wood presents in whitish or cream color. Painting and staining can be easily done on pine wood. Since it has a light color, knots and grains are perfectly visible. Moreover, knotted wood is used for the decoration purpose.

pine furniture

The only disadvantage of pine wood is that it is more prone to scratches and cuts. It has applications in the wooden flooring, window frames and roofing.


Cedar is the wood which is popular for its aroma. It copes with humid conditions and doesn’t expand due to weather change. This is the reason it is effectively used for outdoor furniture. It is also required to build furniture for storing clothes such as cupboards. Also, painting and staining are easy on the cedar furniture.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is harder than other softwoods. This is the reason you need to sharp tools before working on this wood. The main advantage of Douglas Fir is that it can handle shocks and sudden external force. It is used in the making of doors, lumbers, timbers, building home logs and also in parts of bridges. Douglas Fir is present in light brown color with the streaks of red and yellow. Growth rings are also visible on the wooden surface of furniture.


Redwood has some unique properties to add to the furniture making. It is soft and thus it’s easy to work with tools. Redwood is weather as well as insect resistance. It has applications mainly for decks and fencing construction. For furniture making it is the good choice because of its excellent durability. Moreover, redwood is affordable and needs low maintenance.


Types of woods used in making of furniture is an important thing to know for making your home amazing. We have discussed some popular woods which are used for making classic furniture. You can choose any of the given wood types for flawless interiors. One can also consult a carpenter or any professional who has knowledge regarding the types of wood.


Image source: Unsplash

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