7 Most Common Plumbing Works


There are so many works done by plumbers. They have works at homes as well as at commercial places. Plumbers do every type of work whether it be changing a water tap or changing the whole pipeline system of a residence. (more…)

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Renovate Your Home This Diwali


India’s largest festival, Diwali is coming in a few days. There is an excitement in the heart of every person. Before we discuss something about the main topic i.e. making home beautiful this Diwali, I would like to discuss a bit about Diwali and why & when is it celebrated? (more…)

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All about Epic Villa Home Services

Introduction of EPIC VILA

EPIC VILA is all about making your home beautiful. What we know is that everybody wants their home to look beautiful and perfect. So we hereby present EPIC VILA, an online workers booking regime whEPIC VILAich comprises of all those services which are essential for normal living. EPIC VILA team is providing the following services by: (more…)

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