Wooden Artwork

Wooden Artwork

Wood is such a beautiful blessing to our nature that we can’t count its applications. Wood has a wide range of applications such as in the construction of homes and furniture. Also, it fits in the category of decoration perfectly. You can use wooden frames and paintings to make startling interiors. There are a variety of woods which are effectively used in different objects and stuff.

The decoration of an interior has a significant effect on our mind. We always appreciate the audacious and beautiful decorated room because it soothes our soul and mind. This is the reason people around the world spend lots of time and money on the interior designers. This will help them to create amazing décor. Wood also has a role in the part of the decoration. It is not just a piece of the log which is used for furniture and for burning purpose.

We can’t deny the fact that wood is also a great tool in our homes where it has significant advantages. For instance, wooden comb and spoons are far better than that of other materials. In this article, we will find out some unique ways of decoration where wood plays a crucial role. Let’s have a watch on some of the artwork where woodwork is considered as having a captivating nature:

Writing Text on the Wooden Surface

You have witnessed wooden nameplates outside of many homes. Usage of Wooden surfaces for the purpose of writing gives a classic look to the written text. We can use wood for writing any text, quote or saying. With fine designing and stylish text, you can give incomparable look to your writing.

Just have look on beautiful wooden nameplates:

wood workImage Source: https://lovethisstuff.com/collections/personalised-nameplate

There are many websites which are offering written text on wood according to your choices. Moreover, you can also purchase their written wooden work with affordable prices and adorable looks. You can easily place an order for your nameplate by simply mentioning the type of design you want and text which need to be written on that.

There is a variety of wood which is present in our nature through which you can decide the colour you want on your nameplate. For example, the colour of Teak wood ranges from dark brown to golden brown and colour of Pinewood is yellowish or cream.

wood workImage Source: https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/office-wooden-name-plates-8397337891.html

For good and durable nameplate, we use a wood type which has a high oil content so that it can resist water and prevents your nameplate from all sorts of weather. There are also many kinds of wood available which will work for the same after staining and painting. Wooden nameplates are preferred since they give protection against all weather and painted nameplates need maintenance after a period of time. Choose a good nameplate with a classic look and enjoy its benefits.

Moreover, why just nameplates if you can write a good quote or saying to define some value. Write a quote on a wooden surface and place it in your interior space to make your interiors impressive.

Making Designs on Wooden Space

Designing on the wooden surface is always a good idea. If wood can give amazing looks to written text just think of designs. It makes them more beautiful and astounding. There are a variety of designs which experts can make on a wooden surface. Designs on the wooden surface need more practice and dedication. It’s hard to make designs on the wooden surface since once done you can’t change it.

wooden artImage Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/62628251040508953/?lp=true

A person who is an expert in making designs on wood need special training to craft a beautiful design which soothes your soul and eyes. This is the reason many people want to place such designs in their interiors whether its office or home.

Carving-out Structures out of Wood

One of the hardest parts of the decoration is to carve out a structure from anything. It’s quite interesting how an artist carves out a structure from wooden logs. Let’s have a look at them:

wooden artImage Source: http://www.fragrantwood.com/portfolio/item/deers/

People also love to own such structures for their durability and artistic designs. Carving out 3-D structures from wood is quite complicated. For bigger statues and structures artist makes different parts separately. Then integrate them at the end to get a perfect statue.

You can get wooden structures and statues from your city. Nowadays, people prefer to buy them from websites and e-commerce websites. Today, the internet has made your life much easier and give easy access to all services at home. On such websites, you just need to select your favourite structure or design and just book your order.

Drawing on a Wooden Surface

What’s different in having drawing on the wooden surface? The difference lies in the fact that you can have your picture on it. Any drawing can be drawn on the wooden surface.

Image Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/12785069/drawing-on-wood

Just give your favourite photo to the artist who knows how to work on wood and he will assign you one of the adorable pictures of yours. You can also select any photo which you think looks impressive to your home. Wood has proven its greatness and effectiveness even in the drawings of pictures.


Wood has a plethora of advantages and uses. Its applications are uncountable. Our ancestors also knew about the quality of wood and thus gave immense importance to it. In this article, we have even covered its applications in the category of decoration. As we all know the importance of wood in our daily life. It became our responsibility to pay attention to the decreasing number of trees which are the only source of producing wood.

Due to increase in demand for wood, people are more concerned in the cutting of trees to have access to more wood for various applications. But we should also take care of the fact that trees are limited and one tree takes many years to grow. This is the reason we should also aim at growing trees not just for wood but the better functioning of our ecosystem and to prevent global warming.

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