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Types and Workings of Air Conditioner

Imagining summer without a good Air Conditioner is impossible. Air Conditioner (AC) makes life easy by adding favorable conditions to your interiors of homes or offices. It withdraws heat and moisture from the closed space available. Moreover, it also helps in improving the quality of air by trapping the dust particles scattered in the surrounding. Eventually it provides improved air quality for breathing.

You may have encountered many rooms of homes or offices where many computers are installed. Computer systems emit heat during their processing hours. As the time increases heat keeps on increasing. This can damage the systems due to prolonged high temperature. This is the reason AC’s are recommended at such places. Computer systems need cooler surrounding for better work efficiency. Installing AC ensures good efficiency of employees as well as of computer systems.

Thus, AC holds a special corner in every sort of interiors whether it is your home or office. Often people are unaware about the functioning and types of AC. Let’ have a look on the interesting functioning of Air conditioning.

Working of AC

Working of an air conditioner depends upon the basic principle that is to remove the hot air from the interiors and then fill it with cool dry air. Compressor and condenser are situated outside of interiors and evaporator is present in the interiors.

The main components of air conditioner are:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Expansion Valve
  • Refrigerant gas

Initially, compressor releases the refrigerant as a hot gas which has high pressure. This gas moves towards the condenser. As the name suggests, condenser exerts high pressure and turns gas into liquid. Then, this liquid refrigerant goes to evaporator through a very small opening called expansion valve. When it reaches to other side of valve, liquid turns into gaseous form. For this process, AC extracts heat from the interior surroundings.

AC takes in air and uses this air in the conversion of liquefied refrigerant into its original form i.e. gaseous. It goes back to compressor to repeat the above process again. As the heat of air is transferred in converting liquid to gaseous form and rest is transferred in the outer surroundings, now the air is cool. The cool air moves back from the evaporator duct to room. Eventually chilled air replaces the hot air. Repetition of this process makes your place comfortable and chilled to stay.

Types of AC

You can use any type of air conditioner according to your requirement. Below are the explanation of mainly three kinds of air conditioners:

Window Air Conditioner

These AC’s are installed in the opening or window space. They give chilled air at one end and emit hot air from other. These are the type of air conditioners which have all the components in one box such as compressor, condenser, cooing coil and many others, used for its functioning.

window air conditionerImage Source:

In almost every situation we have to install this AC in windows of house thus we call them window air conditioner.

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Split Air Conditioner

There are two parts of split air conditioner – Outside Part & Inside Part. Inside part will give you cold air and make you feel comfortable, on the other hand outside part will blow out heat. In this, there is no requirement of any slot in the house.

split air conditionerImage Source:

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Duct Air Conditioner

Duct Air Conditioner is present at one location and produces conditioned air. As the name suggests, it comprises of various duct to transfer chilled air to different areas of interiors. It is the best solution to keep your whole home and building at even chilled temperature.

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These AC’s are different from each other in many ways. Let’s see difference between the mentioned air conditioners:

Difference between Duct Air Conditioner and Window Air Conditioner

Duct Air Conditioner Window Air Conditioner
Maintains even temperature at all places easily Needs lots of time in equalising temperature
Expensive to install Less expensive installation charges
Less flexible as complex to shift to other places Quite flexible as can be installed at any place

Difference between Window Air Conditioner and Split Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner Split Air Conditioner
It has single unit comprises of all functioning elements It consists of two parts. One unit is for inside and the other one, outside of house.
It creates noise Since condenser is placed outside of interiors, noise produced is low.
It has lower cost It has considerably higher rates
Less efficient Highly efficient
Need special outlet to install No requirement of any outlet.


In conclusion, Air Conditioner plays a crucial role in our lives with its cooling properties in summer. Air conditioner helps in increasing the overall productivity of work by providing favorable working conditions to workers. It has applications not just in homes and rooms but also in commercial places.

Consulting a good professional repairer is necessary before installing AC in your home or office. Repairer can give right advice which type of AC will suit your space and requirement.

One important thing we need to know is the effect of refrigerant of AC on the global warming. Refrigerants consist of halogenated hydrocarbon. Presence of chlorine in the hydrocarbon makes it hazardous for the ozone layer and greenhouse effect which eventually increases the temperature on earth. Though there are good refrigerants too which cause minimal damage. Scientists are working to provide better option which will not have side effect.

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